For every farmer, you need to get your farm ready before planting, and Farm Power Disc Plough is the right equipment for the job. Disc Plough helps to expose the soil to sunlight and hair thus giving it enough nutrients. In Nigeria, where the soil is sticky, stony or hard, a Disc plough is the best equipment to help break, turn and mix the soil, making it easy to sow on. It can also stop soil erosion as it mixes crops through thorough ploughing. Disc Plough is one of the important agricultural equipment you need to add to your agriculture list as it is suitable for every soil.

Farm Power Disc Plough
Farm Power Disc Plough – Vision Agri

What is Disc Plough?

A disc plough is designed to reduce friction by making a rolling plough bottom instead of the sliding plough bottom

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of Farm Power Disc Plough.

Uses of Disc Plough

  • To prepare the soil before sowing.
  • It helps the soil get enough nutrients needed.
  • Break hard and gravelly soil safely without damaging the soil.
  • It is used to stop or prevent soil erosion in rainy environments where erosion is one of the major problems for farmers.
  • It serves well in loose soil without clogging.
  • Disc plough makes it easier to plough in a hard or rocky environment.
  • Serves good purpose for deep ploughing

As a farmer getting a Disc Plough is a must as it helps you prepare your farm soil for planting, as we all know that the soil takes a significant role in the farm products. Getting good farm products your soil care should be your number one priority. Why not check out our Disc Plough! Click here to check out our Disc Plough and other farm implements.

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