Farmtrac Tractors

Model: Farmtrac 6050

Engine Power HP: 50 HP
Drive: 2WD & 4WD | See Brochure

Farmtrac 6050 - Vision Agri
Farmtrac-6060 - Vision Agri

Model: Farmtrac 6060

Engine Power HP: 60 HP
Drive: 2WD & 4WD | See Brochure

Model: Farmtrac 6065

Engine Power HP: 65 HP
Drive: 2WD & 4WD | See Brochure

Farmtrac 6090 - Vision Agric
Farmtrac-6075 - Vision Agric

Model: Farmtrac 6075

Engine Power HP: 75 HP
Drive: 2WD & 4WD | See Brochure

Model: Farmtrac 6090

Engine Power HP: 90 HP
Drive: 4WD | See Brochure

Farmtrac 6090 - Vision Agric
Farmtrac - Vision Agri Tractors

Distinguishing features of Farmtrac agricultural tractors

  • 4-cylinder Fuel-efficient Turbocharged engine
  • Inline Fuel Injection Pump
  • Power Steering
  • Double Clutch
  • Dry Air Cleaner with clogging sensor
  • Epicyclic Gear Reduction
  • Powerful Hydraulic Lift – 1,800 kg
  • Multi-speed 540 PTO
  • Adjustable Front Axle
  • Projector Front Lamps
  • Effortless single-piece bonnet
  • Independent clutch for PTO

Facts About Our Partner – Escorts Agri Machinery

  • Escorts Agri Machinery is amongst the top ten (10) tractor manufacturers in the world
  • More than 2 million tractors have been rolled out since its inception in 1965
  • Escorts Agri Machinery entered into a Joint Venture with Ford Motor Company in 1969 and manufactured Ford tractors in India from 1971 to 1996
  • Farmtrac agricultural tractors were designed and engineered based on the Ford tractors, which were manufactured by Escorts during this period
  • Escorts is the only Indian tractor manufacturer, manufacturing tractors in Europe – Farmtrac agricultural tractors Europe
  • Escorts Training & Development Centre in Bangalore, India, provides training to farmers, employees, dealers, salesmen, and parts and service personnel
  • Farmtrac agricultural tractors are manufactured in a wide range of Horse Power ranging from 37HP to 110HP, all of which carries the ‘Ford’ legacy.
  • Escorts is not just a tractor manufacturer, but a complete farm solutions provider, with matching implements, advising on better field operations and increases in yield and quality
Farmtrac - Vision Agri Tractors

African Footprints for Farmtrac Agricultural Tractors

  • Escorts won Indian tractor industries largest ever order for tractors. Valued at US $ 40 million, Escorts was chosen to supply 1,430 units of its premium range of powerful Farmtrac agricultural tractors to Tanzania which was implementing a national “Food Sufficiency Program”
  • Escorts supplied 750 units of tractors & implements to Republic of Benin.
  • Escorts supplied over 700 tractors in a single order to Burkina Faso, the highest number of tractors from India by any exporter .
  • Escorts has been the only tractor company to supply 400 units of tractors & implements to Madagascar.
  • Escorts supplied 1,000 tractors to Nigeria during 2013-14
  • Apart from the above, Escorts has also supplied Farmtrac agricultural tractors to Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Togo, Tunisia and Angola