Mobile hydra cranes are used in various industries, including Mining, Oil & gas services, Railways, Agriculture & Irrigation, Construction, Real Estate, Ports, Material handling Ports, Pipe/Cable laying, e.t.c. As a top crane dealer in Nigeria, we always advise you to add Hydra Mobile Crane among your 1 to 10 top equipment to purchase. This machine is vital for uploading, uplifting, and carrying heavy equipment.

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Hydra Crane Dealers In Nigeria

What Is a Hydra Mobile Crane?

They are widely used in lifting, carrying, and uploading loads; they are ideal for lifting objects in and out of water; they are built up with several tubes fitted with one another called telescopic boom. One of the most significant advantages of the hydra mobile crane is the mobility; it can be easily moved from one distance to another within a construction site, leaving you less stressed at work.

You are on the right page if you plan to buy a hydra mobile crane. As a crane dealer in Nigeria, we will discuss why you need to include a hydra mobile crane in your construction equipment list. 

Why Purchase a Hydra Mobile Crane from the best crane dealer in Nigeria

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Container handling at our Customer’s factory in Ogun state using the Hydra 15 crane

Cost and time effective 

It is very cost and time-effective. It can work on different tasks at a given time and execute them flawlessly by minimising job downtime.


It is essential equipment needed in any industry that involves heavy construction work, as they help move equipment from one point to another in a construction site.

Less Setup Time 

It requires less time to start operation on sites; it comes as a single piece of equipment that requires no mounting whatsoever, so as long as the soil is firm to move on, you can operate your hydra mobile crane almost immediately.