In one of our previous articles, we explain the function of a mobile crane; here, we will walk you through the part of the mobile crane in Nigeria.

Before purchasing any equipment, you should understand the essential part of the equipment, especially complex equipment like a mobile crane. 

Mobile crane in Nigeria
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Parts of the Mobile Crane in Nigeria

  • The Hook
  • Wire Rope and Sheaves
  • The Boom
  • Counterweights
  • Outriggers
  • Wheels and Tracks
  • The Hoist

The Boom

The hook is most visible, and it takes the more significant part of the crane; it can also be described as the arm of the crane. It is the part used to lift, upload and move material. It is the part of the crane that does the major work.

The Hook

This is one of the essential parts of the crane. It is attached to the end of the boom is the metal hook used to connect the boom and the material it wants to lift, upload or move.

The Counterweights

As the name sound counterweights, it is used to hold heavyweight on the crane. The part of the crane prevents it from tipping off when lifting a material. It gives stability to the crane.

The Outriggers

This part of the crane serves as safety to it. It also serves as additional support alongside the Counterweight as it also helps to hold stability.

Wheels and Tracks

The wheels and tracks are the part of cranes that enable their mobility.

The Hoist

This is where the lifting power of the crane comes from. It uses wire rope or chain to lower or raise the hook to uplift materials.

Now that you understand the essential parts of the mobile crane getting a mobile crane in Nigeria should not be anymore. We have cranes suitable for your budget.

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