For a large landscape farm, you don’t want to start sowing your seed manually. A seed planter is farm equipment attached to the back of a tractor, which helps to sow seeds in a proper row and spread them evenly. It makes a hole in the ground, lays the seed, and covers it with the soil.

Seed planter is a farm tool that makes farmers work faster and easier. You no longer need to make holes in soil manually and drop seeds in one after the other. If you are a seed farmer, getting a seed planter is as important as every other piece of farming equipment you use.

Seed Planter

Benefits of a Seed planter

Wondering what benefits seed planters will add to your farm? We’ve provided some below.

  • Saves time and relief stress: A large-scale farm sowing seed manually is just taking the long way to get a result, if at all it will be a good result. You can get your seed planting done as quickly as possible with a planter.
  • Help keeps the farm field row evenly: A manual seed sowing is not always evenly. There is always a row that is off the planting wheel.
  • Farm field rows are always neatly done. 
  • It helps to utilize space.
  • Ensures equal distance and proper depth
  • Distribution of seeds equal
  • High level of accuracy in seed placements
  • Fast delivery, you can plant many seeds in a short time compared to planting manually.
  • It is cost-effective in the long run as it eliminates the need to employ labour to plant manually.

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