Have you been searching for the best two-in-one farm equipment to help you plant your seed and fertilizer them simultaneously? Seed drill cum fertilizer is the best equipment for the job. It helps to sow a wide ride of seeds crops such as maize, wheat, mustard,e.t.c.

A seed meter is attached, which helps measure the seed placement distance.

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of seed cum fertilizer and how it can increase your farm products.

Benefits of seed Drill Cum Fertilizer

Wondering what benefits seed planters will add to your farm? We’ve provided some below.

  • Sow seeds at the proper sowing depth and rate.
  • It ensures the covering of the seed with soil, preventing birds from feasting on the seeds.
  • Seeds are distributed in a row, giving the crops/plants adequate nutrients and sunlight from the soil.
  • It saves time and relieves stress.
  • It helps to control the weed.
  • helps to administer the fertilizer where it is needed the most in the soil
  • improves germination
  • Helps to save labour cost
  • Deposit the seed and fertilizer in the furrows in an acceptable pattern
  • Fast delivery.
  • Fertilizer and seeds are shared equally.
  • It helps utilize resources.

You may have been administering your fertilizer manually, and you aren’t getting good results and kept wondering what could be wrong. It is the right time to purchase a seed drill cum fertilizer to help you do the work and start utilizing your resources.

At Visionagri, we provide the best agriculture equipment at affordable prices suitable for your budget, which will skyrocket your farm products. Seed drill cum fertilizer is a very important farm equipment every farm needs, especially if you deal with seed crops, and you will also administer fertilizer to it.

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